Akshar : The Literary Arts Society

–  Gauri Shankar Prasad

Am I responsible for what has happened?

It just happened. I couldn’t control.

If I couldn’t control maybe, it wasn’t my fault.

I was in no position to take over.

But I was supposed to.

Does that make me responsible?

If I am responsible, so are you,

And so is everyone.


It arouses certain curiosity.

Should I blame myself? OR Should I not?

Because what happens, they say, does for a reason.

If there is a reason then no one is responsible.

Is it that easy or Am I trying to defend myself?


It questions my deeds.

Am I doing it right?

Is it enough or should I have put in more effort?

Maybe it’s a mistake, I might not be the one.

It makes us question ourselves.

We look for the answers hidden in our deepest shelves.


It brings hope. It destroys…

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Akshar : The Literary Arts Society

-Gauri Shankar Prasad

“…and thus diamond due to its structure is the hardest material found.”, this was the last line I could take in my small mind which was being tortured by the boring chemistry teacher, Mr.Biswajit Samanta.How could I forget his name, he was heartless. I turned towards Akash and said,” Learning should be more fun and less boredom, don’t you think? How could this guy even become a teacher…”. Before I could complete, a chalk hit me on my nose. “ Rishav, I can’t take it anymore, I won’t let you disturb my class again. Get out of my class.” he practically yelled at me. I tried to apologize as any other day, but all in vain. I had to leave the class. I was all alone in the corridor, passing by other classrooms, peeping a little in everyone of them just to see which teacher was teaching…

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Life. Isn't life like rain? Watching it from the balcony, its mesmerising, enchanting, so indulging, but when facing it on the road, its challenging, demanding, so difficult. Eventually rain stops, so does life.

Book Review : Into the Wild

“And he wasn't a nutcase, he wasn't a sociopath, he wasn’t an outcast. McCandless was something else. . . . A pilgrim perhaps.”, John Krakauer through these words in the book tries to defend Christopher Johnson McCandless, young lad, who,in his early twenties survived 112 days in the wilderness. Almost three weeks later, a group... Continue Reading →


Now. Only now exists independently. Past is a memory of now. Future is a dream about now. The spectacular now. 

She belonged to none

  I looked at her, I craved for her, She was so appealing, I even prayed for her, I could feel her need, I begged for her. Not even a glance and she went on her way, As if I was some toddler, whom she sees everyday.   I was determined, I didn’t give up.... Continue Reading →


Biting my nails, shaking legs, messing up my own hair, heavy breaths, audible heartbeats, and silly me, I tried to convince myself that I was not nervous. via Daily Prompt: Nervous

Nature’s way of averaging…

Nature has its own ways of averaging things out.Everything has its opposite.Light has darkness, truth has lie, happiness has sadness, equality has inequality, big has small and so on. Can darkness be there without light?   OR   Can we even think of light if we do not know how darkness is? Can we be... Continue Reading →

Stories: lies worth hearing

Stories. Weren't those nights wonderful when mother used to tell a bedtime story which took us into a beautiful world of fascination, a world full of mesmerizing beauty which was much better than the world we live in. Ha! remember that fast rabbit who ran and slept, that thirsty crow who found a way to... Continue Reading →

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